The Basic Guide How To Manually Install Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 8.1 on computer for Beginners

Driver updater is a safe, fast and intuitive tool. When Secure Updater is installed you will see a small circular icon with the letter U in it beside your clock. The color of this icon tells you the current status of your computer’s third-party software security. Instead, there are dedicated programs you can install that will update your other programs!

Device Configuration

Yes, it seems weird, but they exist and can be extremely helpful. Some of the better free ones include IObit Software Updater, Patch My PC, and FileHippo App Manager. The bottom line is that you should always keep your software updated. Well, unfortunately, Windows doesn’t provide much in the way of automatic updates aside from the updates it provides to your operating system, which we’ll go over below.

Significant Criteria Of Driver Updater Considered

To see them, just click on the "Other" tab and browse through the additional apps that Patch My PC can update for you. I added Audacity to my list, but if you scroll down you’ll see a whole lot of other applications available.

How to install Monitors drivers

Updates are divided into two categories such as Critical and Optional. The Optional feature will let you check updates for more applications. By enabling the checkbox of that software included in the list, you can find updates to those software also. Premier users don’t even need to do that, as software updates automatically in the background. Outdated software lacks the most current security measures and patches, leaving you vulnerable to hackers who know how to exploit these weak spots. To ensure that you’re fully protected, you need to update your software regularly. Update all drivers on your PC in one click to prevent device conflicts and ensure smooth hardware operation!

It supports a limited number of software updates at present. You can only update two programs per day in the free version. Without a doubt, it has nearly all the features you need in a good software updater program. Patch My PC can find updates for 300+ commonly used software applications and supports bulk updates. A Software Updater scans your system for outdated software and installs the most recent updates with just a few clicks. Be sure your antivirus and malware software have real-time protection and are current with the latest definitions.

In the Installed Updates control panel window, you can uninstall any update by selecting it and then clicking the Uninstall button. This can be useful if you’ve installed a problematic update, but it’s something you should take care when using. After you uninstall the update, you’ll also want to take steps to block that update in the future, if possible. The history shows each update, whether it was installed successfully or not, and when it happened. The history screen has two options for helping you recover from a bad update. The “Recovery options” link takes you to the standard Windows recovery options screen, where you can reset the PC or boot in recovery mode. If you want to uninstall one or more particular updates, hit the “Uninstall updates” link instead.

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  • you have to wait until the manufacturer publishes the updated version through Windows Update service.
  • A dedicated driver updater utility should be available in more than one language.

These drivers have been thoroughly tested not only by the manufacturer, but also by Microsoft, so they are the most likely drivers to be stable and error-free. Windows Update divides updates into “important” and “optional”. Important updates are selected for download and installation by default. To control what updates Windows installs, click the relevant link. The Windows Update feature in Windows 7 is different enough from later versions of Windows that it’s worth talking about a bit on its Brother hl-2140 driver own to highlight those differences. The process is a little less automatic and gives you a bit more control over what updates you install and when. To access Windows Updates, just hit Start, type “Windows Update,” and then hit Enter.

Windows Defender is automatically installed on Windows 8 or newer machines and enabling Automatic Updates will keep antivirus up-to-date. Even seemingly simple things like mouse drivers can have extra features you might need. For example, some manufacturers include additional features in their drivers for controlling what buttons do, accessing better motion controls, or even programming macros. The best advice we can give is that you let Windows handle drivers for everything you can, but install manufacturer drivers when you know there are extra features you need. In most instances, you can take more of an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to drivers. Windows will download hardware drivers for most of your devices and keep those drivers up to date automatically if necessary. And for the most part, you should just let that happen.


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